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Dock boats, personal watercraft and more. Create extra dock space and walkways wherever you need. With FloatBricks, the possibilities are endless.

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Dock or launch in seconds

FloatBricks make both easy. Specially designed U-Brick and Roller-Bricks help slide the vessel in and out of the water and directly into place.

Works anywhere

Perfect for marinas and any waterway. Attach to existing docks or moorings to create floating spaces or walkways. Need to move? Take them apart. They go where you go.

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Build as you go

FloatBricks have a flexible design, so whether you’ve upgraded or added to your fleet, or need a different configuration, just add or reposition the bricks.

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Quality construction

Lightweight and super-strong with anti-slip treads for traction. Resistant to mold, mildew and rotting. FloatBricks are built for life on the water.