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Think of SeaPen as a garage for your boat. The ultimate in-water dry-docking system to protect your boat and give you more time on the water.

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Dry float your boat

With SeaPen’s patented in-water dry-docking system, your boat is protected and always ready to go. All without bottom paint, hydraulics, motors or cables.

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Glide in, glide out

Dock or launch in minutes. With the touch of a button, the rear gate drops down to get you out on the water. Heading home? Just pull into your SeaPen, activate the gate, and the automatic bilge pump takes care of the rest.

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Yes, it’s really dry

Our award-winning system uses marine-grade materials and leading-edge technology to maximize air flow, pump water away from your boat and allow your hull to dry.

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Go where traditional lifts can’t

Install it anywhere, take it with you, and keep your beautiful view. SeaPen’s low-impact adaptability has marinas and condo associations everywhere embracing the perfect alternative to traditional lifts.

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Go ahead, step on it

With its sturdy high-density polyethylene frame, SeaPen delivers 360° of walkable access, including an optional aluminum walkway.

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The versatility you need

There’s a SeaPen for every size and type of boat. Big or small. Deep vee or pontoon. Stern drive or outboard. So you can size up for any boat in your fleet.

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“As a board member at our neighborhood marina at Wrightsville Beach, I was aware of the restrictions placed on all slips—no boat lifts allowed because it impacts the view. I searched all around and came upon SeaPen—it just floats and doesn’t raise the boat at all.”

-Bill Edwards, Wilmington, NC (27ft Pontoon)

“SeaPen has changed the way we boat! Now, stowing and launching my boat is as easy as pressing a button and floating the boat effortlessly from the dry dock system. The entire hull is completely protected and all components are safe!”

-Aaron Sarathy, Beaufort, SC (24ft Everglades)


Australia’s most trusted docking solution for over 20 years.
Now available in the U.S.

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